Corporate Mission

From our Corporate Headquarters in Houston, Texas, ProBility is executing a disruptive strategy of defragmenting the marketplace of thousands of disparate companies by acquiring smaller companies in the areas of our expertise and organically growing revenue through synergies.

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First to Offer Full Chain Career Advancement

ProBility is changing the landscape for small and medium sized businesses by providing consistent, high quality online training usually only available to enterprise companies.


Offering high quality training materials and preparing the workforce for excellence, ProBility services customers from the tradesman to the small business to the enterprise level corporation.

Career Advancement

Preparing individuals for careers in the skilled trades, from school graduation to career placement and for life.


Offering advisory and expertise to both small businesses and large corporations.

Technology Platform

Offering robust online subscription services for enterprise level companies resulting in a recurring revenue stream.

Senior Management

Noah Davis

President & Chief Operating Officer

Steven Plumb

Chief Financial Officer

Evan M Levine

Chairman & CEO


Michael E. Webber

Deputy Director

Doug Lynch

Teacher, entrepreneur, researcher