ProBility Media Corp. Announces Philanthropic Initiative

ProBility Media Corp. (), through its wholly owned subsidiary, One Exam Prep LLC, today introduces a new initiative with MainStreet Opportunities and Celebration Company of Jewish Family Services of Houston, Texas. The new project demonstrates how an increased sense of corporate social responsibility can meet market demand and create job opportunities for individuals with disabilities.

MainStreet Opportunities is an employment program that helps adults with disabilities find and maintain employment within the general community. By providing individual consultation and job coaching at the employer’s worksite, employees are productive and employers maintain a strong talent base.

Celebration Company is a transitional employment program for adults living with disabilities. Celebration Company provides life skills and meaningful employment to individuals with disabilities who, with joy and purpose, provide services and create products to celebrate the good of life.

One Exam Prep will now offer a new program that supports MainStreet Opportunity and Celebration Company by employing some of the participants as their employees.

One Exam Prep, which offers eLearning courses in a wide variety of topics for contractors, has implemented an optional service offering highlights and tabs in the study materials, making it easier to review and study the learning and exam preparation materials. Currently, One Exam Prep sells approximately 250 – 300 highlighted and tabbed books per month for specific contractor exams. This makes up only 10% of monthly volume and indicators predict that the volume of sales of highlighted and tabbed books will increase significantly over the next 90 – 120 days. The service ranges in price from an additional $38 to $230 per book.

Under the new initiative, One Exam Prep will hire employees in the MainStreet Opportunities Program to collate, tab and highlight the study materials. These employees will be paid a competitive wage by One Exam Prep. Celebration Company participants will assist with packaging the books and One Exam Prep will also be making a donation to the employment program.

“Sadly, seventy percent of people with disabilities are unemployed,” states Laura Alter, Manager of MainStreet Opportunities. “This type of cooperation is exactly the kind of collaboration we encourage with our corporate partners. The program results in an excellent product for their customers and great opportunities for highly qualified candidates that face barriers to employment, all with minimal accommodations that we are able to help employers implement.”

“Since the announcement of our merger with ProBility, our staff has been inundated with new sales inquiries in our existing and several newly launched product lines,” stated Rob Estell, President of One Exam Prep. “This new partnership with JFS Houston will result in our immediate hiring of several employees with disabilities from MainStreet Opportunities and Celebration Company. This increase in manpower will further benefit our customers by allowing us to create additional value added products. This partnership is extremely meaningful to me on both a business and personal basis as this will provide special skills to these individuals who will be able to use these skills in the work place and function as independent adults.”

“Making this service more affordable to our customers while at the same time supporting such a vitally important program will result in a benefit for both organizations,” stated Noah Davis, President and Chief Operating Officer of ProBility. “We will now be offering a larger selection of products that include this value-added service on our websites and at the same time helping highly capable people with challenges.”

About ProBility Media Corp.

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